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Sydney Woodfire Ovens | About
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The Juliette 1200C by Sydney Woodfire Ovens is the entry level to the commercial range featuring a 1200mm internal cooking area. This commercial oven has the same shell and cooking surface as the Juliette 1200 but its walls are much thicker giving it better cooking qualities and heat retention. Constructed with double insulatation and denser materials to withstand constant use. It is the perfect size for small to medium restaurants and cafes and comfortably holds up to 6-7 x 12`` pizzas.


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We are proud to say we built this oven from scratch. Due to the whopping size this custom oven took over 6 weeks to build and is a staggering 4m x 4m in diametre, weighing in at 10 tonne. Boasting an internal cooking space of 2.1m x 2.7m and making ginormous pizzas measuring 1.8m x 1.8m, this oven is truly a must-see. The Guiness Book of Records confirmed that the pizzas will be included in the Guiness Book following 12 months of service at All Phones Arena.


The Bella 800 by Sydney Woodfire Ovens is the baby of the family. Featuring an 800mm internal cooking area, the Bella 800 is the ideal size for smaller applications or space restricted areas. It comfortably holds up to 2 x 12`` pizzas. The minimum base requirement for the Bella 800 is 1250mm x 1150mm.

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About Us

Sydney Woodfire Ovens is a proud Australian family owned company with over 20 years experience in supplying and installing wood fired ovens and outdoor kitchens throughout Sydney. Our philosophy is to provide the same attentive level of service to all customers, no matter how big or small their needs. Our reputation and success is achieved by our commitment to excellence and drives us to go above and beyond for every client, every project, everyday. Complete customer satisfaction has always been our overall aim. Our wood fired ovens and outdoor kitchens however is merely the tip of the iceberg, the full extent of our services begins with the sale of a single piece and ends with the complete kitchen design and installation.


After many years of building and installing wood fired ovens to restaurants and homes throughout Sydney, Anthony and Albert finally crossed paths with the same passion of wood fire ovens. From this, through many years of trial and error, they finally developed their range of ovens and commenced making ovens for sale ‘We believe these are the best ovens on the market, made from the highest grade materials available with both durability & quality in mind, nothing comes close to the finished product we have developed’. Our floor is the smoothest on the market and is built with a non abrasive material for longevity again putting us well ahead of our competitors.


The fact that we are truly Australian manufactured, not hand assembled from imported kits, but built right here is Sydney from scratch gives us the versatility to create custom ovens to any finish you desire. We have great flexibility in our manufacturing process to accommodate all designs and finishes, from the colour of your oven dome to any style of finish to the collar you desire.


At Sydney Woodfire Ovens we employ a team of qualified design consultants, project managers and tradesmen to provide you with a kitchen that not only looks good but also works well. We work as a team to efficiently progress a contract to completion. Informed project managers provide all aspects of trade interface, service coordination, programming of works from delivery through to installation, commissioning, hand over, training and after sales service.